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Never Say to a Woman


Here's a list of things you should never say to women in public or private:

1. Shouldn't you be at home with that baby? When it comes to mothers, it's best to not judge the parenting style of a complete stranger.

2. Are you sure you should be drinking that glass of wine while you're pregnant? Okay, we've all heard of the dangers of drinking while pregnant, but that doesn't mean it's up to us to try and educate a woman carrying an extra person around.

3. Are you on your period or something? Belittling a woman's feelings while also belittling the actual issues that come during menstruation is a good way to come across like an insensitive jerk.

4. Why don't you put them away? Women have this weird thing where they don't like people to tell them what to do with their own body parts.

5. What's your bra size? This isn't a sexy question, a woman can tell you're staring at her breasts she doesn't need you to call further attention to it.

6. What are you doing here? If she's there it's because she has just as much right as you do to be there.

Slacker said don’t ever, ever, ever tell anyone how to parent! When men talk about a woman’s time of the month there is no way to say it without sounding like they are belittling the woman. Slacker said that he has gone to the “you’re on your time of the month” level with his wife.

Steve said his was mom yelling at him and his friend asked him what was going on and he replied “My mom is yelling at me she must be on the ____!” He turned around and is mom heard him and knocked him out. Don’t say that!

Little D said to his wife, “Can’t you do it your only staying home with the baby today?”

Help us grow the list of things you should not say to a woman! What should never be said to a woman?

I was moving into a new place. My boyfriend helped me a bit here and there but most of it was all me. I invited him over one night and he said “I’ll come over if we don’t have to move anything otherwise I will wait till later when you are done to “spend the night” with you.” I replied, “It’s pretty sad that my ex-husband is willing to help me lift a few heavy items to help me out but me boyfriend won’t even keep me company!” That was true.


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10/31/2013 6:30PM
Never Say to a Woman
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