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Slacker & Steve's Blog

Naughty List

We have all done something to land us on the naughty list. Did you steal money from someone? Perhaps you spit in someone's food? A man in an Illinois bar was choking and a man came to help him, but took the man’s cash out of the wallet and walked away. There is even an evil check list that definitely will determine if you’re going to hell:
  1. Looked at X rated stuff online
  2. Kissed someone you shouldn’t have
  3. Done illegal drugs
  4. Spit in someone’s drink
  5. Made a prank phone call
  6. Walk of shame
  7. You hate kids
  8. Been arrested
  9. Choose your life over the lives of 100,000 people
  10. Kill for a million dollars
  11. Clerk gave back more change and you kept it
  12. Blamed passing gas on someone else
  13. Made someone cry
  14. Stole something
  15. Eye for an Eye
Slacker says he doesn’t believe in heaven or hell. So that means he can do whatever he wants. Slacker says it is messed up that people are going out to dog parks and putting poison meat balls out for the dogs to eat. They’re going to hell for sure. By failing the check list Slacker is definitely going to hell. He has more than half of the checklist down. He admits he is evil.

Steve says the guy that stole did a good deed by leaving the wallet. If he took the wallet it would be way more annoying.  It worth $50 to get all you’re the credit cards back? The ID? He thinks yes. Steve is definitely going to hell because he has done all of the checklist, but 3 of them.

What did you do to land yourself on the naughty list?

I have done all of the check list besides one thing and even more than that.  I am so going to hell. Meet you there!

Intern Nikki



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05/20/2014 3:30PM
Naughty List
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