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Natural Disasters

Lately, the storms in the Midwest have been all over the news and although there have been some stories of sadness; we wanted to share the stories of triumph. For example, in Indiana, a woman received a test message from her husband warning her that a tornado was heading right towards their home. She had only just walked into the house when she received the text so she grabbed her two kids and hustled them into the basement when the tornado brought the house down on top of them. The woman’s legs were struck and in the end she did lose both of her legs, but that didn’t stop her from shielding her children saving both of their lives without a scratch on them. What an amazing mother!
Also, in Indiana, a woman that has been a bus driver for over 23 years was driving sixty kids home from school when she noticed hail and a funnel cloud coming right towards the bus. The woman stopped the bus at a general store and had the children hide behind a water cooler until the storm has passed. Every single life was saved.
What we don’t usually hear about after the storms have passed and a few weeks have gone by, is the story of people like the “Disaster Junkies.” Disaster Junkies are people that spend about six months of out the year traveling around the country to help rebuild communities after disaster strikes. These people are simply good Samaritans paying their own way and they normally either stay in churches or mobile homes during their visit. They provide around $147 million worth of free labor every year and are responsible for about $200 million worth of relief aid. Truly inspirational…
I’ve been in a natural disaster. I was in a hurricane back when I lived in Florida called Hurricane Andrew. I don’t remember much since I was pretty young and I didn’t even understand what a hurricane was, but what I do remember in my Aunt carrying me through the flooded waters to my home. I know we had gotten out of school early that day, but somewhere in my neighborhood the bus got stuck and couldn’t drive anymore from the flooded waters. It was not safe, so my mom and my Aunt walked all the way to the bus, my mom got my brother and my Aunt got me and they stirred up enough strength to carry use through the snake and dirt infested water. It was truly brave and I will never forget it.
Have you been in a natural disaster? Tell us your story.
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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03/07/2012 12:50PM
Natural Disasters
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03/07/2012 4:04PM
Hangin' ten in a 7.1 quake
(Yiii, you guys are good looking) I'm Stacy. I was helping a friend move on April 25, 1992. I'm vacuuming the empty living room carpet watching a guy on a bicycle go by when all of a sudden a 7.1 earthquake comes through. It rolled the ground from south to north and rolled under me just like an ocean wave. Time just stopped while I'm watching all this... Meanwhile the guy on the bike? Yeah, the bike comes out from under him like some Three Stooges skit and he lands right on his back. And just as suddenly as it started, it faded... left a path of destruction all over Humboldt County but other than the guy on the bike there were no casualties the I knew. :)
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