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Name Bias


Living up to your name is a real thing! Or so we think. For example, every Heather we know is a blonde and every Ashley is crazy.

Slacker says every Travis he knows is a frat boy. He mentions that the name bias thing depends on the person. It definitely relates to the gender thing. Anthony was labeled as always being a jerk, yet Tony sounds like a laid back dude. His real name is
Michael and he hates being called mike. He must be referred to as Michael, not Mike. Michael sounds like a good guy, and Mike sounds like a pretentious loser. He thinks the name Zach is goofy and every one he has met named Zach was always cool and laid back.  He has always wanted to date a girl named Becky for some reason.

Steve says him and Slacker judge people by their names. David is a common name, yet Dave sounds like a good guy and a good buddy. David sounds pretentious too. Apparently according to this poll David means clingy and insecure. Tyler is a jock name and as a person who must have gel in their hair. Every Becky Steve knows is not thin.

What name are you biased against?

I am biased towards Emily’s because every single one I know is a sweetheart. Another name I am biased against is Derek. They’re all D-bags.

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05/20/2014 6:51PM
Name Bias
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