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Movie Myths


We’d all like our lives to be like they are in movies. But unfortunately, life doesn’t always work that way. Here are some examples of how the movies make things look ... and how reality falls short:

The water – It would be great if we all emerged from the pool or the ocean looking like glistening goddesses. But most of the time, we climb out with our hair tangled, our suits sagging, and eye makeup running down our face. Not exactly like it is in the romantic comedies.

Being pregnant. They make it look so nice in the movies. But what they don’t show is the endless gas and random fluids you emit, among other things. Yes, pregnant women are beautiful. But there is a dark side to carrying a small human for nine months.

Sex – Movie sex is romantic and sweet and clean. But real sex can be just the opposite. We don’t all have perfect bodies and we don’t all make the perfect movements or noises when we hit the sack. Deal with it, Hollywood.  (Yahoo Shine)

Slacker’s example is scenes when actors are on the phone they never say goodbye. He understands if you are upset and just hang up in anger, but just a simple “Honey, I love you and I’ll be home in little bit…” NO GOODBYE! WTF?

The thing that drives Steve crazy is the front the front row princess parking or pole position parking!
Slacker’s other example is relations in a movie. Everything is always picture perfect. No tripping over clothes as they are removed. The woman’s hair is always pristine, make up looks awesome. NO wrinkled clotheing, if they have any on. Straight out of bed! How does that happen?
Steve also noticed that nobody ever gets a cab as fast as they can get one in the movies…

What drives you crazy about the movies?

I have always been a detail guy, so I watch how much liquid left in the glass, the time on the clock on the wall, how much of the cigarette is left or whether or not they really smoke the damn thing!
Continuity is what drives me nuts when I watch a movie…

Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! – Ray the Intern

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07/02/2012 3:07PM
Movie Myths
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