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Mom Jailed 180 Days For Kids' Truancy


A California mom is behind bars, being punished for not sending her kids to school. School officials say the mother had plenty of chances to avoid going to jail, but now she'll be locked up for months. The 34-year-old woman was sentenced to 180 days in jail after pleading guilty to allowing her kids, who are in second and third grades, to miss 116 days of school last year. She is one of the first parents in the state to be convicted under the law.

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The guys had to get their abacuses out to figure the time 180 days = 6 months!

This law scares Slacker to death... If this law was around when Steve was in school, his parents would have been doing hard time. He does agree that when kids are 6-7 years old, the parent is responsible for getting the kids to school. Slacker always went to school when he was young, but in high school, he skipped one day and it was like a gateway drug...then he would only go in on the days when he had a test. He freaked out at first, then nothing happened. He knew kids that figured out how to beat the system when they were in 8th grade.

Steve only went to high school on Friday's to find out where the parties were at and then, BAM! He's out! Steve wants to know if this means the kids are better off without her? She's going to jail for more days than they missed school. Actually, he thinks this really isn't enough time. She had her chances to make it right and she had plenty of warning...

Is this outcome too harsh or is it not enough?

I think she needs this slap in the face and possibly quite a bit more punishment. Barring any health issues, if the kids are interested in school and not bored to death, then make sure you get them to school. Once they get to high school, they decide when they attend. If you've worked hard for their education in the past and communicated to the children that there is not another time to gain the opportunities kids receive from a full k-12 education (scholarships, start up job opportunities, etc.), then you can only hope it sinks in.

Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! - Ray the Intern


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10/04/2012 6:36PM
Mom Jailed 180 Days For Kids' Truancy
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