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Mom Hits Bully

A New Jersey woman was arrested after she slapped the boy who was bullying her 9-year-old daughter. The 28-year-old woman -- and her 51-year-old mom -- got on the school bus to confront the boy who was bullying her daughter. She then cursed at the boy and slapped him and a boy seated next to him while her mother yelled at the two boys. Both women were arrested.

Slacker thinks, as a parent, he would do the same thing the woman did. He thinks that making physical conact definitely crosses the line, but he would want to stick up for his son. Steve said there is a simple solution to this situation. Instead of confronting the bully, the parent should just pay some cash to a bigger kid and have them beat the bully up. He thinks bullies only respond to one thing--getting bullied themselves.
Do you think she had a right to defend her daughter or is she a criminal?
- Producer Dave
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10/23/2012 3:59PM
Mom Hits Bully
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10/23/2012 10:34PM
I think she was wrong
I have a son that was being bullied in school and I wanted to to say something and do something but thats not a good example to teach your child violence doesn't get you anywhere and there comes a day for every child when they simply cant take it and they will handle it my son is 9 but in kindergarden he was being bullied and I would volunteer at the school so I could watch just to make sure my son wasn't doing anything to start it well this kid would run up behind him and shove him so he would fall and one day this kid did this and I saw my son turn around and said you are not doing that anymore and shoved him back and skinned up the side of his face and yea it went to the principle but it took that to get the teachers and the parent of this other child to stop the bulling but I have to say I was so proud that he finally had enough.
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