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Mid-Life Crisis


A study has shown that women tend to go back to school when they hit their midlife crisis.
Arnold Schwarzenegger bought a $250,000 Mercedes-Benz Unimog.
Steve bets that Slacker would build another band to play the venues he didn’t get to play. Like the Superdome! Maybe he should go back to school!
Slacker thinks he would have to quit this job because they would be practicing all the time and he doesn’t think that’s what he will do. It’s a bad investment! He thinks it would be easier to destroy his marriage and sleep around or something of that nature. Slacker thinks that it’s another bad investment to go back to school in you mid-40’s. There’s a twenty –something out there looking for a job as well. He says women should feel the regret, let it soak in and then go do something foolish like a guy would do. Like sleep with a younger man, buy a ridiculous car.
Steve’s skirts the mid-life crisis question…
Did you have a midlife crisis? What’s the weirdest mid-life crisis thing you’ve done?
I’m back in school now…No idea what I’ll do in my 40’s!
Peace, Love and Good happiness Stuff! - Ray the Intern

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09/10/2012 6:34PM
Mid-Life Crisis
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