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Melissa Update: Babysitter-Gate

On Friday Melissa joined us live on the air to discuss her OPP. Here is a recap:
“Melissa babysits a lot and the family she babysits for, she has been babysitting for them for over a year. However, with the family, she’s always gotten a weird vibe from the dad. He’s never done anything, but he’s always been a little creepy. The very first time she went to babysit, he was showing her all his little home improvement projects like he was bragging and trying to show off. Usually it’s not that big of a deal, but now the wife is going out of town this weekend and he is inviting his buddies over for a boxing event on paper view. He wants her to be there overnight to help take care of the kids and its great money, but she has a weird feeling about it. Could it be a bad idea?”
Slacker and Steve asked Melissa if we could speak with her again today and let us know what she decided and what happened Saturday night. Melissa agreed and you won’t believe what I’m about to tell you!
She decided to babysit, but she wishes she hasn’t. The word creepy kept hanging in her mind and she was right. She got the kids to bed and it was getting late so she went to bed in the guest room. At 3 in the morning, the dad crawled into the same bed that she was in! She got out of bed, flipped out and he apologized because after he drinks that’s usually where he sleeps so he doesn’t disturb his wife. Immediately after, she packed up her stuff and left, and she still has not gotten paid.
Steve hates this guy now! Slacker understands why the guy crawled into that bed because he’s done that kind of thing too…Not with another woman in the bed, but either way he still thinks they are convicting the guy of nothing.
What do you think?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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05/07/2012 4:14PM
Melissa Update: Babysitter-Gate
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05/07/2012 4:45PM
I say that if he could manage to navigate into a room that he doesn't sleep in most of the time in his drunken state he could also remember - wife not home, the bed is mine. Using the drinks in separate bedroom excuse is convenient and open to a lot of misinterpretation. Also if the guy was on the level he would have mentioned the mistake to his wife by now and she would have called about paying the babysitter. - Christina
05/07/2012 4:47PM
half and half
It depends on his body language. Did it look like he wanted to do something or did it look like he was really sorry. Of corse he is drunk but you can sometimes tell what people might be thinking. I would tell the mom, but in a calm manner. If it was innocent he should have no problem with telling her, but if he isn't then he was mostlikely planning something. Gut feelings are like a humans 6th sense, i wouldn't put the feeling off just incase.
05/07/2012 4:47PM
Can't have it both ways.
So, if he was too drunk to know what he was doing, how did he have the sense to use the guest room bed unless he was thinking???
05/07/2012 4:50PM
Problem was easier to solve than anyone gave credit
Wish I had call in on Friday When I used to watch kids for fathers when moms were away I would have a over night my place with the kids. Everyone was happy and problem was solved. Judie
05/07/2012 4:56PM
missing the point
I think the entire debate is missing the point. As in any other job, if a person feels uncomfortable, the situation needs to change. There obviously is not enough actual evidence to incriminate the father, but the feelings of the girl should not be overlooked. This about the safety and comfort of the babysitter, not what the actual intentions of the father are. If she felt uncomfortable (and everyone should trust their instincts, it is genetically there to keep us safe!) she needs to get out of the situation ASAP. The money should definitely be accrued, and calling the mother is the best way, simply to avoid contact with a person that makes her uncomfortable, not to mention letting the mother know about an interesting situation without being accusatory.
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