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Meghan the Medium

Last Thursday we talked to Shira whose son told her they were going to die on the first day of their upcoming vacation. We’re bringing in Meghan the Medium to give her a reading and do readings for you too!

Meghan explains that different environments, for example in person v. over the phone, make for different types of energy in her readings.  After a brief discussion of the differences between Steve's peachy aura and Slacker's blue-green aura, Meghan spoke to Shira's son Jack he no longer seemed too worried about the trip (though he is fairly young).  Meghan says that his initial prediction of death was not necessarily one of their actual death, but probably more along the lines of some sort of change occurring.  She tells Shira that it could more likely be the death of a feeling or something of that sort that she had been holding onto.

I think Shira's situation is an interesting one that understandably put her on edge.  I once had a palm reading during a visit to New Orleans and, while her reading wasn't 100% accurate, she was close on enough that it did weird me out a bit.

Do you have a question about life or the future?  If you weren't able to get through today to get a reading from Meghan, or if you just have something you want to ask her about, here's her email address:

Until next time,

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07/24/2012 3:48PM
Meghan the Medium
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07/24/2012 4:04PM
Love life?
Hello Meghan, I was trying desperately to get through today but no luck! I don't know if I can ask you a question here, but if so....can you tell me if and when I will finally find love? I've been single all of my life except for my first year in college. I'm 33, almost 34 and am getting scared that I will be alone forever :( I really enjoyed listening to you! Thanks, Trista Sorenson Denver, CO
07/27/2012 9:11AM
Hi Trista!
Hey Trista! Thank you for your message! I'll shoot you an email and we'll talk! ~Meghan
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