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Slacker & Steve's Blog

McGyver Moments...


Sometimes you have to improvise in desperate situations…you won’t believe what one woman does to save time on road trips.

Slacker can relate to this. He knows some kids who will fall asleep on a whim. His kids? Not so much...If he and his wife are driving to the store and the kids fall asleep, he literally has to get out of the car when it's still rolling as to not wake the kids! Then his wife will go park and chill. Mainly because they are hard to get to sleep and usually they have fallen asleep in the last two blocks! When they do fall asleep it's like a victory! Slacker used to build antenna's for his parents TV's out of foil that his mom used to save from casseroles... He used a guitar string to cut cheese.

Steve doesn't get any of this...for obvious reasons! Steve has made a bong out coresand telescoping car antenna's and he's made poor man's insence. A glass ashtray and some aftershave. Coat the ashtray with the cologne and light it. The alcohol will perpetually burn and freshen up the room.

What was your McGyver moment? 

I had a spring shackle break on my camper trailer on a Sunday night. I used a 2x4 and some ratchet straps to stabalize the axel and drove another 800 miles through Iowa to Madison Wisconsin where I found a welder to fix the bracket. Glad you asked?
Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! - Ray the Intern

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10/22/2012 3:24PM
McGyver Moments...
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