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Man Panel

Today in our man panel we have the married guy, the single guy, the nice guy and the player… Is there a question you’ve always wanted to ask a man to answer truthfully? Here are some of the questions the guys answered on the air....

Question Number 1: What is guy time? What do guys do when they are out with the guys?

The Player says: If you're in a relationship, it's only to boost some confidence. If you get that number from another girl, of course you're not going to call them, but it's a big ego boost. If you're single it's very different. Single guys go downtown for one reason, to go out and have fun, then find someone and bring them home.

The Nice Guy says: It's totally different for me. I'm just out to have a good time with my buddies. I don't really have intentions to do anything with any girl. I'm just out to hang with the guys, drink some beers and catch up.

Steve says: When I go out for guys night, it's to get away from my woman (if I'm in a relationship.) Not in a bad way, I just want to hang with my buddies and be men in our natural environment.

Slacker says: He wouldn't even ask for a girls number, and he wouldn't accept a girl's number if they gave it to him. He says it's so much different when you have a ring on your finger. 

Question Number 2: Which is more appealing, a woman with experience or a women without experience? (Relations)

Slacker says: I don't want to teach. It was fun when we were young but not anymore.

The Player says: For a player's aspect, experience is good. But I've been freaked out by a woman with too much experience. But if I was settling down into a serious relationship, if my woman didn't have too much experience I would be okay with it.

The Nice Guy says: I like experience. I don't want to mold and shape. I've had inexperience and it sucks!

Steve says: I agree with you Slacker. It was fun when we were younger but now I'd prefer a woman with experience. 
I think this idea of the man panel is a great idea. It's raw, and maybe sometimes a little hurtful to people, but it's the truth. I know EVERY woman wonders these questions, and Slacker and Steve are letting us get them answered! 

My question for the player would be, when you are in love with one girl, what compels you to still go out and try to find another even when you are happy in the relationship you're in? I have experienced this before. I wouldn't consider my ex a player, but even when we were very happy in our relationship, he always seemed to need attention from other girls. He would flirt with them, get them to fulfill his needs and then come back to me like nothing happened. It was very strange and I wish I knew why he did that! Why must men be so confusing? :)

Lots of Love - Intern Bri

Photocred: GirlMeetsWorld.

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11/18/2011 3:55PM
Man Panel
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11/18/2011 4:33PM
Something fun and new...not to mention very inlightening. I loved it and i hope you do it again.
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