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While the majority of men in Colorado spent their weekend watching football, like normal men do, Steve had his own un-manly agenda…watching Lifetime movies!  He is now at risk of losing his man card.

Steve first swears that he was watching it for “the hot chicks,” then said he DVR’d it on accident.  Either way, he did not watch one of the biggest NFL games this year!  Slacker admits that he lost his man card a long time ago but has been gaining it back slowly by being a father alone.  But he also does manly things like fry his own hot wings while watching the game and then grabbing the scalding hot pot with his bare hands and carrying it outside to dump in the snow. 

What has your man done to lose his man card?

I dated a guy a long time ago who was a Marine, and that’s pretty damn manly.  He fought wars, rode motorcycles, lifted weights, and drank like a champ.  He also loved to listen to Delilah, the love song talk show host, while he drove across the country.  I actually think it’s pretty cute but if his guy friends knew I think they would revoke his man card.

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01/14/2013 3:23PM
Man Card Monday
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