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Make Us Laugh!

Slacker and Steve already told you…They are not bringing the funny! It’s all on you today! It’s the end of the week and they’ve completely run out of funny. Do you have an impersonation? Or a great joke, like the talking muffin? Who knows what doors this could open for you! Make us laugh!
Oh man, I am the worst at telling jokes but I think I have a pretty funny story to tell...Although I’m telling you, I’m pretty bad at sharing stories, too. Anyways, it has to do with our dear friend Jackie Selby from KOSI 101.1, our sister station, that just left us yesterday for San Francisco. Just the other day I was talking with her and one other in the studio when she went to grab an apple she purchased. See, she was rubbing the apple onto her sleeve and I was really confused…See I never knew that was how you could get rid of the dirt…Anyways, that’s not the point. As we were discussing the apple, she took a giant bite into it and juice squirted out! Why is that important? …Because it didn’t just scatter everywhere…It’s like it had a planned attack towards me! All the juice went right into my face! It was so hysterical; we were cracking up laughing for a while. I guess you had to be there…I warned you I wasn’t the best at this.
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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04/27/2012 3:16PM
Make Us Laugh!
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04/27/2012 4:40PM
police joke, and my brothers joke.
Yi! I'm only 13 and i know it's weird to have 13 year olds and all but whatever. anyway, my brother told me this joke he wants me to tell u and i have 1 of my own, so, here we go. my brothers joke: What do you call a student who gives teachers homework? A: A genius. Mine: There was a robbery and so the officer told the Sargent to lock down the exits so the criminals didn't escape. the Sargent came back and reported that the criminals escaped so the chief asked why and the Sargent said, they got out through the entrance. lol
04/27/2012 4:57PM
My friends niece
My friends niece is the funniest kid. When she has 3 she was just hanging out and playing with her toys and their dog name Pork Chop. Out of no where she says "Pork Chop is F'd Up". Her dad heard her and spanked her. She really cried and he felt bad and he asked her "Angelina do you know why I spanked you?" and she stopped crying and looked at him as serious as can be and said "because he not F'd up?" 11 years later we still laugh everytime this story is told. Out of the mouths of babes!!
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