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Slacker & Steve's Blog

Make Us Feel Insignificant

Wanna feel like an underachiever? 11-year-old golf phenom Lucy Li is the youngest person to ever qualify for the U.S. Women's Open. We want you to make us feel insignificant!

Slacker says he hasn’t even remotely done something of this magnitude in achievements. He refers to her age and says to let it soak in that she is in one of the most prestigious golf tourneys ever. When he was 11 he was using a magnifying glass to burn ants. He won best guitarist in Colorado one year. That a huge achievement! They have also done a ton of stuff for Children's Hospital and he won an award for being a huge inflluence in the Radio-Thon fundraiser.

Steve says him and Slacker are losers. When he was 11 he was throwing rocks at cars. He mentions this girl they know that went to NASA for an internship and apparently it was really amazing and she learned a lot. Steve just wallows in self-pity.

Lil’ D went to the state science fair due to a huge project of citrus fruits. And one thrid place! He is happy about it.

What is your greatest achievement in life?

My greatest achievement is getting this internship. My dreams came true when I landed this and I never want to take it for granted. Seriously, it is amazing to have it and I learn a lot from these guys.

Intern Nikki

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05/27/2014 6:16PM
Make Us Feel Insignificant
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06/02/2014 4:16PM
horse show champion
I just had purchased this quarter horse mare to do some showing with. Shortly after purchasing her,another horse chased her through a wooden fence snapping off three posts. She damaged her right shoulder in the process and she barely could walk. My sister and i did massage therapy and gave her hot bathes every day to heal her shoulder We also had a horse farrier specially trim her feet to help her walk better. About six months later I took her into a western pleasure class(they judge on the ability and movement of the horse more so than the rider) She took first place out of 22 horses. After the class, the judge said to me, "don't think i gave you that ribbon because i knew you. I did not recognize you or the horse out there. I remember when your mare, Shoko, got hurt and thought you were going to have to put her down because what bad shape she was in. I almost fell over backward when they announced her name and your name." She stated that Shoko looked like she was enjoying herself out there and did not have any shortness of stride on the side where she had the injury.
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