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Lucky to be Alive


A girl in Texas went sky diving for her 16th birthday and jumped right after her dad, only to find out that her primary shoot wouldn't open! Her dad watched her fall to the ground from 3,500 feet up in the air. Thankfully, she survived but has some broken bones. Talk about being lucky!

Slacker says he will never go skydiving with Steve. Slacker says Steve falls asleep at the most outrageous moments and he would fall asleep and not pull the chute. He used to have a truck and his back tire got shredded and he was going to slam into the median, but he came to a stop and he just sat there like, what the heck happened.

Steve says sky diving is the biggest rush and a huge risk. He thinks it is amazing that she didn’t hit trees or anything. Steve says if your chute doesn’t deploy you’re supposed to fall on your side. He says your hips will protect you.

Why are you lucky to be alive?



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01/30/2014 5:23PM
Lucky to be Alive
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01/30/2014 6:45PM
I saved a strangers life!
Hello my name is Krissy and do I have a "she's lucky to be alive story" So i was outside my house and a person drives by 50 mph driving all crazy so I decide to stop the lady and say "hey slow down please i have a kid and small dogs" I noticed she was messed up and i offer her a glass of water and a place to sit so she dosent kill anyone or herself. Well 30 min goes by and she wasn't getting better , worse way worse hallucinating and slurring her words , as she is sitting on my couch I decide to tell my husband she not getting better she needs help ( he was in the kitchen) I go back to her and see that she was slumped over on my couch a blue greyish color I see she's not breathing or responding and yes no pulse. SCARY so i throw her down on my floor and without a second thought start CPR on this stranger! my husband call 911 and the paramedics show up 15-20 minutes later and yes i did CPR the entire time. when she made that first gulp of air the first 2 min i couldnt and wouldn't stop. So at this point the paramedic are here and they hooked her up to wires and machines and stuff and got her stable and off they went to the hospital. as they left the sheriff and medical people all said ,"way to go if they ever fall to the ground they hope i am near by" I visited her at the hospital to confirm for myself this lady was alive and the entire staff and doctors stood up and said they couldn't believe i would do that for a complete stranger. the doctor pulled me aside and told me she was not on any drugs and she had cardiac arrest and she is only alive and going to have a full recovery because I reacted so fast. WOW - thanks for your time - Krissy Conda her husband sent me flowers with a nice note of thanks.
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