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Living a Lie

Previous marriages…kids…a felony record…we want to hear the secrets you’re keeping! Nobody is 100 percent truthful with the person they’re dating, or even married to. Beneath the surface there are plenty of lies lurking – both big and small.
-What’s the biggest secret you’ve ever kept from a partner? How long did you keep the secret? Did you eventually come clean with the news? Or …was your secret discovered?
-What sorts of stuff do you think you have to disclose immediately upon meeting somebody new? Previous marriages? Kids? Debt? A felony record?
-What’s the most awkward confession you’ve ever made to a significant other? Why did you confess? How did they take the news?

Slacker shares a story of a guy who had a child in an affair, paid child support, and never told his wife.  It's been 18 years or so years and she still doesn't know.  Whether it's your job not knowing that you didn't graduate college or your in-laws not knowing about your jail time, many callers came on the air willing to share their secrets (some definitely with VD, though others without).

As many people on Facebook pointed out, there is no VD on the internet, so continuing this conversation online may prove difficult.  Not that I have any huge lies to hide, of course...but I am also not looking to put any secrets on display here!  So instead I will do what I always do when I don't know what to say and look to Liz Lemon and her secrets...

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07/31/2012 5:41PM
Living a Lie
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