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Living Off Your Parents

Slacker remembers when he had his first child and everyone would tell him that he would have to pay for them for 18 years, but now it looks like kids are starting to move back into their parents house after they’ve gone off to college!  
According to a recent poll, 62% of young adults that are between the age of 19 and 22-years-old are still getting money from their parents. On average, the ones getting financial help from their parents are getting a little over 12 grand a year!! Slacker doesn’t have that kind of money! His own dad did such a good job at making it seem like he would never be allowed back into house once he backed out with his boxes. He wonders, if his kids try to come back…What can he do to get them back out?  
Do you still get money from your parents? How much and how often? If not, when did you stop taking their money?
I sadly still live with my parents and occasionally, I may need a dollar or two to pay for the light rail or something, but other than that I pay for everything myself. Granted, they still apply the food and pay the phone bill, but I’ve got the rest of it. I just can’t afford a place of my own right now and they are willing to let me stay with them until I can.
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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05/08/2012 6:15PM
Living Off Your Parents
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