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Slacker & Steve's Blog

Life's Little Annoyances

Slacker is one hot mess today! He probably should have just stayed in bed, but you’re probably wondering why, right? Where do I start…? Have you ever had something that happens that shouldn’t be a big deal, but it happens and you’re just like ugh, that’s just great…? Well, this morning Slacker woke up, took a shower and when he finished he started walking around dripping wet. See, he doesn’t like to use a towel and rather air dry, so it’s kind of his fault, but as he finished putting on a pair of socks he started to walk out of the room and bam, he stepped right into a heel print of water! He would have rather gotten his whole leg soaked than step into the tiniest amount of water. He could feel the dryness everywhere on his foot except for that one spot… The sock was ruined! He had to get another pair. It’s just one of life’s little annoyances for him.
Even just the other day, he went to Costco with his wife and got a ham. It was a huge ham, so he’s had to make sandwiches to get rid of it all. Well, today he went to make himself a sandwich for lunch… Grabbed some grab, grabbed the ham and grabbed some spicy mustard. When he went to put the spicy mustard on the sandwich he got the water dripping out rather than the mustard itself. It was so annoying he didn’t even want to finish making the sandwich.
Steve, since it’s been snowing a ton lately, has noticed that every time he gets out of his car he always swings his leg out and runs it up against the dry, dirty snow and it leaves a streak on the back of his jeans! He’ll even try to wipe it off, but it only continues to smear more. Slacker had to chime in because guess what? He has the same smudge on his jeans. Today’s just not the day for him.
For me, I do have to agree with Slacker. All weekend I went in and out of the house shoveling and my boots were covered in snow, so every time I took them off, I stepped right in the puddles I left! Also, lately when stepping outside to leave in the morning, I notice the slightest amount of frost on my car. I just want to take off to work and I’m stuck having to scrap the tiniest amount so I can see. Also, I hate when I have so much to carry and then all of a sudden I drop something so I have to bend over to pick it up and then I drop something else so I finally have to drop everything and rearrange. Oh, oh, or when you try to place something on the table and yet it still manages to fall so you place it up there again and it still falls… You’re just like, “Stay!” It’s like when you try to throw something into a trash can when you’re right next to it and you miss… Ugh! I could go on forever…
Its life’s little annoyances… What gets you?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

Have you ever seen this guy on TV...

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02/07/2012 3:35PM
Life's Little Annoyances
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