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Yi! Reddit went crazy this weekend with the best life hacks people have. These were some of the top of the top:

"Last time I was looking for a job, I posted a fake add for a very similar position on Craigslist so I could check out the resumes of my competition."

How to call in sick to work…the RIGHT way!
If you want to sound sick when calling in to your work, lie on your back while hanging your head over the edge of the bed. You will sound congested.
"Hampton Inn Hotels have a 100% money back guarantee policy. If you aren’t happy for any reason at all they are required to comp your room. You can do this nearly as often as you like. I work for one and we regularly have the same people complain about things, like the room was too cold, or the fan was loud, and we have to comp them. One woman has like 180 free rooms complaints on her profile, but we still have to comp her. The only way around this is for the hotel owner to set up a review of the incident on a per case basis with Hilton. It’s easier just to comp the room and move on. Hilton pays the hotel back anyway."

Secret for getting a cab
Drinking in the city and can’t get a cab?, walk into a fancy hotel lobby, and call a cab. They’ll assume it’s a posh person going to the airport, and they’ll be there in a flash.
When at Target, argue over the price
As part of the employee training at Target, they teach you that if a customer argues over a price, and the full price is under $20, to just give it to them for whatever price they claim. It’s cheaper for the company to move on to the next customer than to call in a price check.
Free refills!
"I used to keep a cup from McDonald’s in my car at all times and whenever I was driving and wanted some soda I would just walk in any McDonald’s and refill my cup. I did this for weeks."
Skip Disney Lines
Rich moms hire handicapped people to go to Disney with them so they and their children can skip all the lines.
When you want to get someone’s attention
"If you’re in a crowd and need to get through, yell I’m gonna puke. To dominate someone in conversation stare at their forehead questionably."

You gotta ace that final
"Send out a mass email to the class the day before an exam saying I have just finished my study guide, and offer to swap it with other people. Never actually made a study guide. People would send me theirs and I would them send them each other’s back. Win win for everyone."
"For a free windshield repair…"
Got a broken windshield? Next time you’re driving and see a cement truck or any kind of truck carrying rocks or dirt follow it. Call the 1-800 number on the back and say a rock flew out and hit your windshield. Once they verify there was indeed a truck at that location there’s a good chance they’ll offer to replace your windshield for you.
Would you like some grass-fed bone-in steak for 88 cents?
"When I was going to college I would walk over to Whole Foods and get some of their most expensive grass fed bone in rib eye steaks from the meat counter. The butcher would wrap them up and slap a price tag on them. If I was getting meat for a BBQ this was sometimes upwards of 200 bucks. Then I would walk over to the bulk grains, put the meat on the scale, and hit print for something like oats. I’d cover the existing label on the meat with my much cheaper oats label, and proceed to self-check out. It would ask you to scan the Barcode, and then place the item in the basket. It would register the appropriate weight as both labels were from the weight of the meat. Then I’d pay 88 cents for six steaks and leave. I probably did this 25 times without arousing any suspicion."
Getting free food at Chick-Fil-A
"I use to work at Chick Fil A and we have a policy where if someone forgets their wallet or card we have to give them what they ordered anyway because the food would go to waste. So next time you’re hungry and low on cash go to the drive thru at your local Chick Fil A and act like you forgot your debit card and they will ALWAYS give you free food. Just do it sparingly so you don’t get caught."
Or free weed
"Want some free weed/alcohol? Just say that it’s your first time and someone will always be glad to loan you some."
The best way to get fresh fries every time at McDonald’s
"If it’s 2am and you’re at McDonald’s wanting fries, but you don’t want the old, stale ones that have been sitting there for three hours, order your fries with no salt. They salt them right after they make them, so they have to make you a fresh batch. Then go get salt from the condiment thingy. Or be that guy and ask them for salt and watch them start to hate you."

What are your best life hacks?

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03/31/2014 4:05PM
Life Hacks
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