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Life Hacks


Life can be pretty annoying sometimes. So here are a few quick household fixes that’ll help take the edge off:
Walnuts – You can rub them on wooden furniture to cover up dings! 
Cardboard toilet rolls – Wrap these bad boys around your gift wrap so it doesn’t unravel. 
Hanging shoe rack – Instead of shoes, store all your cleaning supplies in there! 
Staple remover – Use one of these to save your fingernails when adding keys to your key ring. 
Can opener – Use it to open those though-to-open, blister packs. (BuzzFeed)

A life hack is the use of household stuff to save money or ways to get around “the man”.

Steve is really weird with the life hack stuff. He uses coca-cola to clean his windows in his car. He claims that it leaves no streaks, absolutely spotless! He had a cop show him the trick. Cops carry the stuff to clean up blood.

Slacker wants to know if there is brand loyalty with this theory.

Slacker puts aluminum foil in his grocery bags to get past the magnetic sensors at the door that catches people shoplifting…Slacker’s question is “Do you have to put ‘Bounce’ everywhere to make this work?” Like, if you have a 2000 sq. ft. house do you have to put it in random places.

Steve uses “Bounce” fabric softener sheets to repel flies. Steve also uses a dry fabric softener sheet to clean off soap scum from the shower glass in the bathroom…

Slacker wants to know aht in the hell is going on at Steve's house that he needs to know how to clean up blood and repel flies?

If you do a lot of 4 wheeling, use baby oil on your vehicle to be able to wash the mud off easier when you are done for the day…the mud sprays right off! Steve used to do this when he had his Xterra...

Slacker like to go to Water World, beaches and stuff. You always carry big old boats of sunscreen, right? Cut the tube open, clean it out and put your belongings inside. You always have to run to the car or locker…This way you can leave it with you towel or your chair and nobody will be wise to where you valuable stuff is…

Steve just wondered if someone did come by and use the tube, what comes out?

Money! Slacker has so much money he covers himself in it. That’s how rich he is!

Just Asking… What awesome life hacks do you have? 

I use ice cubes and salt to get my carafe for my coffee maker spotless. Just use 12-15 ice cubes and a spoon of salt. Then spin the the carafe so the ice swooshes around the glass. The salt and the ice exfoliate the coffee stain off the glass and doesn’t scratch the sides.

Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! – Ray the Intern

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07/30/2012 3:45PM
Life Hacks
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07/30/2012 8:45PM
Life Hacks - Shower
A caller said that if you use car wax and something else in the shower everything just "slips aways". What were the products?
07/30/2012 8:50PM
Life Hacks
Obviously I don't know what I am doing....same question. A caller called in saying that car wax(s) in the shower keeps the soap scum away plus whatever. What were the products? Do you remember? Caryn
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