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Lies To Your Kids

Slacker has a friend that travels so much and this past Tuesday just so happened to be his son’s 4th birthday. Since he’s been so busy, he didn’t have time to get him any gifts, so when his son woke up Tuesday and said it was his birthday, he said, “No son, your birthday is actually tomorrow.” His wife was not happy about this, but they went out, bought gifts and the next day was the best birthday he ever had! Was it wrong of his friend to lie? Is it possible that it will harm the kid in the future?
Slacker’s lied to his son, Noah…See, Noah is in love with Star Wars so every time they go to the store, he wants a new toy. Half the ones he picks out usually say 7 or older so Slacker will point at the box. Noah will tell him he can buy it then, but Slacker just lies and tells Noah they will actually card him to make sure he’s 7 years old. Noah also loves the restaurant Chili’s, so if Slacker doesn’t want to go there, he will tell Noah the restaurant is closed. Slacker hasn’t lied to his son about where babies come from… yet… But he will.
Steve thinks parents lie out of pure laziness and convenience.
What is the biggest lie you’ve told your child?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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02/24/2012 3:24PM
Lies To Your Kids
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02/24/2012 7:53PM
Lying about lies
I lye to my son and tell him that his tounge turns black when he tells a lie so if I think he's lying I have him stick out his tounge. If he's lying he won't stick it out!!
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