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Lies From Guys

Guys will go to extreme lengths to impress a woman. Lies about having a certain car, house or even how much they can lift! Here is a list of the top 8 things men lie about!
How Much They Can Bench
How Much Money They Make
High School Athletic Achievements 
Golf Prowess
What He Says He Shoot
How Many Drinks they’ve had 
What They Eat
Gambling Winnings
How Many Chicks they’ve Had Sex With
(For a detailed description CLICK HERE)
Slacker asks at one point would telling women that you’re in the mafia ever worked? He says that his wife doesn’t even know what his salary is; he just figured she knows that he’s ok because when she orders sushi he doesn’t freak out. Slacker told a girl when he was younger that he could hang on the monkey bars upsidedown and do a backflip off of them. He says that a guy challenged him to do so, he tried and ended up breaking one of his teeth! Slacker says the girl walked off with the guy that challenged him.
Steve says that he never tells women how much he can bench because he doesn’t even know! He says that men are constantly lying with the amount of money they make. Steve is curious on what is the point of telling a woman about your high school achievements.
What outrageous lie has someone told you? How were they ousted in their lie?
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08/13/2014 3:19PM
Lies From Guys
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