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BJ & Jamie's Blog

Letting Teens Share a Bed

Jamie's nephew and his girlfriend spent the weekend with her. Auntie James didn't find anything wrong with letting them sleep in the same bed, but Howie and BJ thought otherwise.

Listen to the conversation HERE!

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06/19/2012 8:12AM
Kids Sleeping in the Same Bed
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06/27/2012 11:36AM
i agree with jamie.
These aren't "kids" they are legal adults. 21 and 19 areally not kids. They should be allowed to sleep in the same bed, tHey aren't 16. I'm 22 and my boyfriend is 26, we live together and have been with each other for two years, we slept in the same bed when we stayed at his parents and we shut the door, we slept in the same bed at my mom's house and shut the door, we plan on visiting my older family members soon and will stay in the same bed then too, even if it means getting a hotel room, we're not children, we already live together and we're not sleeping in separate beds.
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