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Left Behind


An Ohio mom left her child behind at a Chuck E Cheese outside of Toledo. When the kid realized that she had left him, he started to walk the 18 miles back home! Fortunately for him, the mayor of Toledo saw him and took him home.

Slacker was left behind at the Royal Gorge when he was about 8. His parents would have his siblings in a camper while they drove so they didn't realize he was gone until 90 minutes later when they stopped for gas! Steve stole one of Slacker's moves for when you're trying to leave a bar or a party! You just tell everyone that you're going to the bathroom or to smoke and you leave instead of spending the next hour trying to tell everyone goodbye. Then the next day, you just say how you don't even remember leaving because you were drunk and you basically ask everyone what happened. Steve ditched Slacker after learning all about this move!

I can’t even imagine this. The closest I’ve been to being left behind is when my mom would be late from picking me up from school because she lost track of time. I don’t know how young the kid was in this story, but seeing that he was at a Chuck E Cheese makes me think he was at most 8 or 9 years old. It would take some serious guts to just start walking home, especially when home is so far away. Any time my mom would be late to pick me up from school when I was that young, I would just call her from the school phone and she would be right over. I was only a mile or two away from school and I would have never walked home alone. Then again, I was raised in a fairly big city and I was always taught that the roads were dangerous to walk on alone. On another note, if you take your child to have a good time at a Chuck E Cheese, how do you end up leaving them there? That would be like me bringing my dog to the park and leaving her there. Did the mom forget why she went to Chuck E Cheese or does she have a lot of kids and missed one on the head count?

Have you even been left behind?

Until Next Time, xoxo—Intern Elizabeth

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11/08/2011 2:45PM
Left Behind
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