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Leading To Cheating

There is something your husband is probably doing right now that may play a major factor in the chances of him cheating.

On a recent episode of The Real Housewives of NY, the girls found out that Reid, Aviva’s husband, doesn't wear a wedding ring. They immediately jumped all over him until they realized that it was Aviva's idea. She had a whole theory where single women seek out married men because they are supposed to be unattainable and she didn’t want him to become a target.) Do you think her theory is correct? Does a wedding ring make a man a target for single women?
NOTE: Aviva decided in this episode to buy him a band for their anniversary
Slacker is doing it right now. Slacker wants to know if this is a warning sign or a welcome sign. As a joke, Slackers mentioned on the air before that if you meet a woman that has a wedding ring on, then the two rings cancel each other out. He also has seen chicks jump on dudes that have a ring because they are not going to be emotionally attached.
Steve totally believes this theory is true. He’s thankful that Slacker watched the episode, so they could discuss the topic…Steve is going to borrow Slackers ring for Live @ 5! Tomorrow and test this theory. It doesn’t really fit because his fingers are longer and have more girth, whatever that means! Guys are dumb, we’ll buy a girl stuff with or without the ring.
Does a man wearing his wedding ring make him a target for single women?
I don’t wear my ring when I play out in the clubs. I used to be in a band that believed it was bad  for business. Just like walking off stage and heading straight for your significant other. Bad press. Period. Nothing personal. I also don’t wear my ring when I play golf. It’s intrusive to the way I grip the club! End of story.
Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! – Ray the Intern

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07/19/2012 6:25PM
Leading Cheating
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