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Kill 1 To Save 5


Steve thinks that 90% of people would kill someone...and there's a new study that proves it! In the study, 147 people were tested in a virtual scenario in which they have to choose to let a train to hit and kill 5 people or to change the direction of the train and kill 1 person. 133 out of the 147 chose to have the train hit only one person.

Steve said he would usually "kill" the 1 save the 5. But his thought is...who's hotter, the 5 or the 1? SAVE THE HOT PEOPLE! Slacker's saying you need to go to another level in your brain. It's not just do you have 1 person die rather than 5 people (which is kind of a no-brainer), but destiny's original route was to kill 5 people. If you choose to change the direction of the train, you're changing someone's fate. Even with all of this, Slacker thinks that he would pull the switch. Steve wants to bring a whole other level to the scenario though. He's trying to evaluate everything! What if the 1 person is your mom? What if the 1 person has the cure for cancer? What would you do then?

I don't think I'd be able to stand killing someone. Even if it's to save 5 people, I'd have to think about what that person had planned to do with their life for forever. Then again, it's 5 people. I'd probably either pull the switch or end up thinking about it too hard for too long and then it would be too late!

What would you do?

Until Next Time, xoxo--Intern Elizabeth

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12/05/2011 3:43PM
Kill 1 To Save 5
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