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Karma Kicked My Keister

Karma is something you definitely believe in or you don’t. If you’re a believer, we want to hear how it did you wrong!

Karma is best described (for those who aren't familiar with it) with "what goes around, comes around."  If you are a good person, good things happen to you, if you act bad...well you get the idea.

Slacker is a huge believer in karma, Steve doesn't.  He just believes his coolness will later affect him in life in a positive way.  Slacker has tried to harness the great power of karma by handing a homeless person some money then buying a Powerball ticket, obviously we all see where that got him.

Despite what beliefs everyone has, I am a firm believer in karma.  I'm not exactly sure who dishes out the karma, but someone does.  I wholly believe that all the great opportunities that have happened to be is all because of me doing good things.  The rewards are pretty nice (such as not going to jail, sweet internship, hot girlfriend, etc.) so I don't see myself to stop being a good person anytime soon...

Do you have any good or bad karma stories?

Keep it Classy,

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07/11/2012 5:17PM
Karma Kicked My Keister
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