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Interview Question

Apparently there is one brilliant question you can ask at the end of a job interview that will be the key to help you get the job or it will get you laughed out of the room. What is that question you may ask?.. "If you don't offer me the job, what would the reason be?" It puts the interviewer on the defensive, yes.  But it also shows a few things.  One, you're determined to get the job.  Two, you know how to be direct, aggressive, and savvy. And three, if they're honest and tell you what they think your fatal weakness is you have the chance to offer a rebuttal and show why they're wrong. Yet there is always a down side. If you’re applying for a higher position, it could make you look like you don’t quite have the proper decorum, and say the reason was that question you just asked. It is hard to stand out right now, so is it worth taking a risk and hoping it helps you out.
Steve said there was an intern that used curse words in her resume which made her stand out in a good way. Slacker and Steve both agree that there is a time and place and if you are probably applying for a school teacher you probably don’t want to do that in a resume . When they were looking for a producer someone send a huge shoe with their resume and said I know I have huge shoes to fill and that defiantly made them stand out.
I don’t know if I would do this. I can understand the positives from it but I would hope to find other ways to stand out. I see this question as telling the employer that I don’t think I will get this job. I defiantly don’t want to do anything that will hurt my chances of getting the job.
Would you ask this question in your next interview and what would you do to stand out in an interview?
With Love-Intern Sarah  

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05/07/2012 6:16PM
Interview Question
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