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A guy in Tennessee spotted a photo of an unknown man on his girlfriend's Facebook page and "angrily demanded to know who the guy was." So… she told him: Mitt Romney. Apparently, he'd never heard of Mitt-- and went berserk. He allegedly grabbed her laptop out of her hands, bashed it into the wall, then punched her in the face. He was charged with domestic assault. No word on whether he found out who Mitt Romney was.

Slacker talks about a guy who kept saying to him, "Never forget that war in Powmia! I'll always remember Powmia," only to realize what he was talking about was POW/MIA...the acronym for "prisoner of war" and "missing in action."  Steve tells the story of a guy who saw "Free Wi-Fi" signs all over and was wondering who this Wi-Fi guy was and why he needed to be freed!  Slacker later confesses that when he was trying to get into college he put on a very prestigious engineering school's application that he was Native American...having it in his head that he was America (in his defense it was at a time when people started saying Colorado Native...hmm).

I think this is ridiculous...I mean he's a presidential candidate!  You would have to be living under a rock not to at least recognize him as a figure in the media.  But everyone has those moments!  This may not measure up to most of the stories people shared today, but I was once in such a rush to not miss the previews at a movie (Spiderman 3...) that I was sprinting into the theatre and when I was almost to the end of that side hallway they have in movie theatres I face-plant into the carpet.  My chin and elbow were  bleeding through most of the film and to this day I still have a scar on my elbow from the fall...not my proudest moment...

What was your "I'm Such An Idiot" moment?

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08/07/2012 3:44PM
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