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I've been bitten

There are tons of stories in the news of people being bitten by both animals and humans! A man’s brother bit his ear off when they were rough housing at a party! They’d had a few drinks and were wrestling when things got ugly. His brother bit his ear and then knocked him out! They’re both okay but the ear is permanently disfigured! Another man bit off his father’s eyebrow while they were driving home from a wedding! The son attacked the dad while he was driving so he pulled over and they began to fight. When police arrived they noticed the dad’s eyebrow had been bitten off! The son had to be tasered and the father taken to the hospital but both are okay now. At a photo shoot for her new music video, Lady Gaga was nipped by slow loris (small primate). They were using the animal in a scene for her video but after it nipped her it was taken away from the video set.

Slacker thinks the ear is a strange yet common place to bite someone. If you’re going to bite someone bite them where it’s not visible. He also gets scared around donkeys because he thinks they’ll bite him when he goes to resorts that make you ride donkeys.He wonders why human bites are almost more common than animal bites.

Steve wonders why Lady Gaga could not escape the slow loris when it’s named after its speed. He thinks it’s easy to bite someone when you have them locked in a bear hug, which is why he thinks the ear is such a common place to bite a person.

What’s your bizarre story of being bitten?

I was bitten on the back by a horse when I was a little girl. It broke skin and was bruised for a few days but I still love riding horses!
Intern Courtney

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02/21/2014 5:45PM
I've been bitten
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