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Howie wants a teacup pig?!?!

Howie says he wants a teacup pigglet and we have a lady coming by the studio tomorrow morning to bring some by! Is this another Howie impulse? Or is it true pig love?

teacup pig
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08/02/2012 9:58AM
Howie wants a teacup pig?!?!
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08/02/2012 1:54PM
Pigs are the best!
Howie- listen to your gut on this one- i have a Juliana pig that will reach about 30-40 pounds. He is clean and soooo lovable. All the rumors you hear about pigs are not typically true except them being pig-headed! Pigs are known to wallow in mud yes but they do this because their skin is just like human skin- they need protection, so my Tater Tot gets sunscreen when he goes outside. He will cuddle with you when you watch TV and he learns tricks in minutes! He uses a litter box but prefers to potty outside and uses a doggy door. Please be sure you use a reputable breeder as there are many people out there claiming their pigs stay small and then you end up with a 300 pound pig roaming your back yard! You can see my pig on youtube at piggirl79
08/02/2012 4:23PM
Tea cup pigs
Before you decide to get one, please check out this website
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