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Howie hires a personal stylist

Yesterday Howie hired a personal stylist… Derek  A 62 year old gay guy who was drunk and try to help get him looking trendy !! he went shoppin and Derek got drunk.

Listen to our conversation HERE

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07/19/2012 12:23PM
Howie hires a personal stylist
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07/19/2012 6:59PM
I have to say... I have been increasingly offended by the amount of unsavory "Gay Humor" being passed off by BJ Howie and Jamie. mainly Jamie. I am so sick of hearing her "light in the loafers" comments and the derogatory comments she makes when talking about how she used to think her son was gay. Would you love him less if he was Gay Jamie? Would you continue on with your Gay Bashing Jokes? And then today what do I hear? "Rent a Gay?" Really. Everyone needs to have a Gay in their back pocket.? Really? You obviously have no concern about the feelings of any Gay listeners you may have. We are not here for your amusement and should not be the subject of your "jokes". I have been listening to the Alice morning show for a long time. Long before there was a Jamie. Today was the final straw! This morning was the LAST morning I will be listening to Alice until you either get them under control or out-rightly fire Jamie!
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