Apparently I’m supposed to tell you about myself….? I LOVE long walks on the beach, but seeing as how we live in Colorado I never get to do that, EVER lol. Believe it or not I’m a Native of Colorado! I know what you’re thinking, there’s not too many of us left and even though I had no control where... Read More


NO HOOKUPS please!! 100% Italian originally from NYC! Brooklyn, to be exact. Fit, professional, all-natural lifestyle, LOVE to cook and mix a great martini ;) Grown up apartment (sorry, no sports crap on my walls lol) Addict: European two-seater sports cars. If you have a sophisticated vocabulary,... Read More

Lee Harris

Radio has been a huge part of my life since I was basically born; I practically grew up in and around radio stations! I don't think it was something that was 'fate' (cause that sort of stuff seems a bit silly to me) but has certainly been something I have always wanted to do from a very young age... Read More

Lil D

Dave’s start in radio probably broke every child labor law in the books. Every day before school, he would help his dad pull records for his morning show and then sleep on the studio floor until the school bus came. In middle school, Dave was paid $20 a weekend to play Rick Dees and Casey Kasem’s... Read More

Producer Sean

Sean is a Colorado native, he grew up in Littleton where he still lives. As a small lad Sean always like to entertain the family and friends around the fireplace, on cozy Evenings and warm summer nights out on the patio. Sean starting working in the trash removal business in his teen, but sean knew... Read More

Sam Hill

I first came to Denver in 2005 to interview for my dream job of working at the legendary Alice 105.9 and I only returned to my previous home in the Northwest in order to cram my clothing and shoe collection into a VW Beetle and drive straight back! I’ve never felt more at home than I have in the... Read More