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I was voted the “class clown” in the 6th grade..  My 8th grade teacher said I’d should be a “comedian”..

I was expelled in the 11th grade because I felt the need to “moon” the high school principal..

I lied my way into a nuclear power plant job at 18.  Yes, me hanging around nuclear reactors (not a good combination).  It didn’t last long... they were on to me.

Then I decided it’s time to get serious with life, go back to college and get a respectable job.  Then lightning struck!  I stumbled across the college radio station.

Umm.. a job where I could be “a clown”, “a comedian”, I can “lie” daily and I could “moon” the audience and you’d never know it!   This is the perfect job for me.  Amazing…  so here I am on ALICE! 

I moved to Denver nearly 5 years ago and finally found my ‘true’ home with Alice 105.9! I love it here! I adore music, fashion, the outdoors and wine.

You can often find me:
a) Watching live music of pretty much any kind… you’d be surprised the variety of my musical tastes!
b) Hanging out a dive bar with friends.
c) Playing in the mountains and exploring Colorado.
d) Watching local sporting events.

I’m always on the lookout for:
a) A good book to read (no romance novels, please.. ugh!)
b) A new red zinfandel to try.
c) New bands to check out (local and international)
d) The perfect pair of boots.
e) New friends!
f) Interesting places to explore.


Louder than Daughtry fans… Fancier than Lady GaGa… Wilder than an 18 year old virgin in Cancun on spring break… there’s Slacker… the man behind the laugh. Slacker is sadistically irreverent with an amazing ability to torture everyone but never get punched, thrown in jail, deported or fired – well except that one time. Slacker’s insanity is fueled by his hidden addiction to Home Depot. This dependence has been facilitated by -- his fancy new VW with it’s KIT-like auto-pilot locked only into the bright orange sign that fills Slacker with such joy.

And of course the men in overalls who keep sucking him back into their remodeling cult with offers of sprinklers, fixtures and paint…oh my. A Colorado native, Slacker joined the incestuous world of radio in 1998 after touring the globe with every 80’s hair band that you can think of… Slacker says, “It took me 8 years to realize that the 80’s were over… so if management thinks that simply firing me will get me to leave… (shrieking) They’ve got another thing comin’!!!”


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