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There is a recent picture of Kim Kardashian with a hickey on her neck. This sparked Slacker and Steve to ask a few questions. One how do you get rid of a hickey, two when are you too old to have hickeys, and three how do you give a hickey?
Slacker can’t believe Producer Dave doesn’t know how to give a hickey. Slacker and Steve don’t know why people walk around with hickeys. They are fine with people biting but change spots so you’re not leaving read marks. They think they are childish and a adult shouldn’t be walking around with one.
I think hickeys are trashy. It is very unprofessional to be walking around with them on your neck. Even when I was younger I hated them, and would never let anyone give me one. At least people should put them where no one can see them. If they are all over your neck that is not attractive and just trashy.
How do you get rid of a hickey, and when are you too old for one?
With Love- Intern Sarah

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04/09/2012 6:21PM
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