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A mailman saved the life of one of his customers in Coconut Grove, Florida . The man was delivering mail when heard a customer he has known for 10-years, screaming for help. The door was door open so he went into the home and called 911. He remained with the woman and was coached by paramedics on the phone until Fire Rescue arrived. The woman was taken to a local hospital. The woman survived and the mailman's actions are being credited with preventing her from having a fatal heart attack.
A Detroit mailman saved a woman's house from burning down while he was on his route. He saw smoke coming from her home and ran into it to see if anyone was inside.  He grabbed a garden house from outside, hooked it up, took it inside, and started spraying the fire.  He held it down until the real firefighters showed up. He then picked his mail bag back up and finished his route as though nothing had happened.

Slacker thinks sometimes Steve has bended the rules to help himself. But he is upset that Steve is not approving of others helping those around them.

Steve thinks that both mailmen should be fired because they should not have entered the premises. Technically they should be fired because they are going against policies. Let them be heroes to everyone else but they should be fired.

If you have been saved or have ever come to someone else’s rescue we want to hear the story! What is your greatest hero story?

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10/31/2013 5:25PM
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