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Help Brittney Lucero

We talked with Brittney Lucero mother of 3. Her home was distroyed by fire that started in her dryer lint pipe. Her and her children are safe and living in a hotel untill July.. If you can help Brittney cover costs any amount will help. Any Compass Bank  donate to the Brittney Lucero Fund.

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04/29/2013 9:32AM
Help Brittney Lucero
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04/29/2013 1:12PM
She is not alone she does have a husband I know just saying a mother of three sounds so much more needy, and If she needs so much help her and her husband should stop going out partying every weekend and drinking and asking for others money, even after this occurance. Understand people need help everyone does but some people also just want and need to get their priorities straight!
04/29/2013 6:41PM
To the inconsiderate individual above
They don't ask anyone for anything. In fact we had to ask them to put their pride aside and get help for the kids. There is nothing wrong with accepting help in times of need. I have been here since the fire and know exactly what they are going through. Lets see you live out of a hotel with 3 kids to take care of. Don't question ones priorities when you don't know how much they Sacrafice for their family her and her husband both work full time in fact She works two jobs 65 hours so you have no right to pass judgement on them.
04/29/2013 7:27PM
Get your facts straight!
Syreeta VigilYes she does have a husband n he is a great dad to them babies. Not only do they both work but everything was taken from them. U have so much to run your mouth about but its not about Brittany or Daniel its about the kids. They are the ones who are suffering so much from this. So before you run your mouth know the situation n say who u are.
05/21/2013 9:33AM
to all the generous strangers!
One it's not even her home she rents the place two it was there dumb fault for never cleaning out the dryer trap and three she had renters insurance! So why is it the responsibility of complete strangers to give money to people who dont need ot yes this was an unfortunate event i dont wish it on anyone but clearly this is why buy renters insurance so that damage is covered from such an event. Yes this post sounds super upsetting to read when you hear "mother of three home destoyed" really come on Alice do some investigating before doing something so generous home was not destroyed it wad one room and the family got a settlement! so congratulations to all the people who kindly donated to this family you have paid for their upcoming vacations! hopefully they will take this is a blessing and pay it forward. if you want to help a real cause donate to the Red Cross for Oklahoma!
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