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H.O.V. Lanes - Pregnant Women

Many pregnant women have been in a debate recently over H.O.V. lanes. They think because they are pregnant, they have the right to use the H.O.V. lane when it is just them in the car. Do you think pregnant women should be allowed to use the H.O.V. lane if it’s just them behind the wheel? They are technically carrying two people in their vehicle, right?
Do you think the law should be changed?
Slacker is really confused because, “You start getting into the argument where it’s two or more persons, she gets pulled over, she points at her belly, and the cop goes, Ah!” Say if a woman was driving to the hospital to have a scheduled c-section, so the baby will be alive and breathing soon, how many people are in the car? It’s the same two people; they just got separated from each other.
Steve says if you can’t buckle the seat belt than you don’t exist.
I keep going back and forth on this topic, but currently I’m leaning towards allowing pregnant women to use the H.O.V. lane. I do believe there are two people in the car whether there’s two clicks of a seat belt or not. The mom’s belly is its seatbelt.
What do you think?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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01/09/2012 6:26PM
H.O.V. Lanes - Pregnant Women
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01/11/2012 10:39AM
H.O.V. Lanes - Pregnant Women
Wow, what a first world, white people problem! This problem is so white, it could go snowboarding! ;) The whole point of carpooling is to alleviate traffic and cut down on smog emissions and fuel consumption, not so someone who is pregnant can get to her destination faster. How would this "law" prevent the use of multiple vehicles which contributes to overall traffic and carbon emissions? Why not actually spend your time discussing real solutions to this problem instead of suggesting that the taxpayers waste more time and money on someone's entitlement. What's next? Allowing pregnant women to use the handicapped parking spaces? I'm sure our injured heroes will love that. 'Yes, sir. Thank you for serving our country, but this pregnant woman has more of a right to use the space than you do.' I think many people are getting sick of American Entitlement. Why not spend your time talking about REAL problems that can be alleviated/lessened by suggesting that your listeners lend a helping hand by volunteering or donating to shelters, food banks, or even taking the time to get to know their neighbors?
01/11/2012 5:25PM
You are a stupid wannabe mommy CüNT.
01/13/2012 8:53AM
Stephanie...look at the comment you replied to, then look at yours. Who's the stupid wannabe? You. If you can't participate in adult conversation in an intelligent manner, then go sit at the kiddie table where you belong.
01/15/2012 7:20PM
Oh h#ll no
HOV lanes exist to help remove vehicles from the roadway by encouraging carpooling. Unless your fetus can drive a car, and actually owns one TO drive, get the h#ll out of the HOV lane. What a bunch of entitlement cr@p.
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