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Guests Using Decorative Items


The sanctity of Steve’s home was seriously violated by a guest he willingly let in! So what happened that made Steve feel so violated? The guest used the decorative soap instead of the plain hand soap! How dare they!

I really think Steve is crazy for this one. Soap is soap. If you didn't want someone to use it, don't put it in the bathroom! The thing that drives me crazy is when you go to someone's house and the only available bathroom is the one used as the main bathroom. After you wash your hands, the only towel in the bathroom is the one the person living there has used for showering. That's gross. I don't want to dry my hands on a towel that has touched...who knows where!

Would it bother you if a guest used your decorative soap or towels in the bathroom?

-- Producer Dave

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05/14/2012 8:43PM
Guests Using Decorative Items
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05/16/2012 3:44PM
You Guys are Nuts!!
Seriously, I was just listening to this and I think you guys are nuts. Soap is soap, if you want something decorative get some little porcelain decorations from Peir 1 and put them in a bowl. Have you seen what happens to decorative soap that sits in a bowl too long? It gets covered in dust and grime. And decorative towels? Seriously? Wash your darn towels. Classic sign of a bachelor pad is everything meticulously placed but with an inch of grime over everything. What is the point of soap if you aren't going to use it to clean something? If you're worried about the cost go to a craft store and buy yourself a soap making kit for a couple bucks. You are destined to live alone if you don't get over these things. Use the good china, drink beer from your wedding champagne glasses and use the decorative soap, live on the wild side.
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