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Great Mate Debate


She wants to join the Occupy Wall Street protests, and he's having nothing of that. She doesn't want this thing to die and really thinks that she can make a difference. She wants to take a week's paid vacation time and join. He thinks that this is going to end up being a waste of vacation time. Why not take the time to go on a family vacation instead? The statement's already been made, and there's not much that she can do right now. Many of the protests are televised also, so she may get in a position she doesn't want to with her job. She's done so well and could soon be a partner in her new firm. She shouldn't be risking that to become a part of a fizzling protest.

I'm not too sure where I stand on this, but for the most part, I understand where he's coming from. They've done so much for themselves in the past and they've created their lives from the bottom. It makes sense for her to stay on the safe side of this right now, or maybe do something more "behind the scenes" with it, like he was saying. Being up front and center is too much of a risk right now, considering where she is with her career. I wish I could make it about scuba diving or something like Slacker said, but I can't. It's not about him just putting his foot down and saying "I'm not allowing you to do this." He's concerned for her career's future, and she's willing to put that in the way to join a fizzling protest. If he were against scuba diving and she wanted to go, I don't think he would make as big a deal of it because that can't affect her career later on.

Who's side are you on?

Until Next Time, xoxo--Intern Elizabeth

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10/19/2011 1:45PM
Great Mate Debate
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10/22/2011 4:00AM
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