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Great Mate Debate: Time To Relax After Work

It’s time for another Great Mate Debate and today Nicholas and Lyla were kind enough to join us live on the air!
Lyla is currently a stay-at-home mom and Nicholas works full time. Nicholas doesn’t like that when he gets home, he is basically handed the kids as soon as he walks in the door. He would like some time when he gets home to kind of decompress from his day at work, but Lyla thinks she deserves at least a little attention, as well as the kids. The kids hardly get to see Nicholas and they get really excited when he gets home, but most importantly, she needs some adult interaction after hanging around kids all day. So, should time after work to relax be allowed or should parent/spouse time kick in right away? Whose side are you on?
This one is tough for me because I can understand a stressful day at work and needing some time to decompress, but you should also expect parenting to be a full time job so Lyle technically doesn’t get any time to relax either. If I was Nicholas, personally I would want to get all those parenting duties out of the way that way I can relax the rest of the evening, but I don’t think its right he just gets thrown the kids the second he gets home. I’m torn… Where are you at with this?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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05/16/2012 8:48PM
Great Mate Debate: Time To Relax After Work
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05/17/2012 3:51PM
Time To Relax After Work
bullshit! there is no such thing as downtime when you are a parent. I have been a single working mom for 19 years & when i get off work ... it is straight to work at yes, you have to and i mean have to, make that abrupt transition from one role to another....that is what being a parent is. Stay at home moms work hard so he has to be even stronger
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