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Great Mate Debate: The Family Bond

It’s time for another great mate debate and this time it’s between Kelly and her husband, Brett. Kelly wants to take their two boys, one eight and the other five, to Disneyworld. Disneyworld was one of the best memories she ever had as a kid and with their kids growing up so fast, she feels it’s the right time to take them before they don’t even want to hang with them anymore.
Brett has never been to Disneyworld, but he knows this trip is going to cost so much money and rather stay afloat financially rather than go. He doesn’t think it’s a smart idea to put them more in the hole over this trip and believes there are plenty of other things they can do that don’t cost money, and still leaves the boys with great memories.
Kelly understands the trip is going to cost some money and although they agreed to never use credit cards, she is willing to put it on one and get another job just to give the boys this amazing memory. She is even willing to sacrifice eating out on the trip and pack lunches just to save a few bucks.
Like Kelly, Slacker is thinking with his heart. How can you put a price tag on watching your child meet their favorite character? It’s true though, it is a truck ton of money and that’s why Steve is going the logical route. He has to side with Brett. They just don’t have the money and to go broke doing it is just not worth it. Plus, jokingly, Steve says bringing joy to a kid’s life is not worth the investment.
I am siding with Kelly on this. I grew up in Florida and I used to go to Disneyworld all the time! It was always so much fun and I don’t even ride fast rollercoaster’s. Disney helped me dream, it helped me conquer fears, and it taught me patience because lets face it, the lines are outrageous. Also, on a side note, I would love Disneyworld today and I’m 22 years old. I don’t think there should necessarily been an age limit of enjoyment. I hope Kelly’s kids get to experience the place where dreams come true.
Whose side are you on?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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10/27/2011 3:57PM
Great Mate Debate: The Family Bond
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10/27/2011 5:39PM
Make the memories, but Budget!
Okay I agree with Kelly on that the "magical age" is where your kids believe that the characters are real. I am a single mom of three, I know what it is to be financially strapped. I have never taken the kids to Disney World because I can't afford it, but We have gone to Disney Land more then once and My children loved it they were always at the magical age at that time. We haven't gone in years and my children still want to go again. We also want to experience Disney World at some point. My fondest memories were when I would go to California with my dad and mom and brother. My dad passed away before my 8th bday and I am so happy he made those memories with me. From Disney Land to the beach. My memories are all I have left of my dad and those were very special times. I do believe you can budget and say kids we can get a autograph book but because we made this trip happen we have to cut back on other things. I use when I went on my vacations they have packages for Disney World and Disney Land , so even if maybe Disney World is a little to much for your budget maybe you guys could try Disney Land. I mean I have heard from friends and really this is true Disney Land is geared more towards little ones, they can go on almost every ride, so maybe while they are this little you should try Disney Land instead it would be same experience and not cost as much. I heard Disney World is geared more towards older kids and adults why waste your money when you can do it cheaper? Now that my kids are 9 12 and 14 we are planning on going to Disney World in the next couple years. I mean Disney Land is such a blast, when they are little. The last time we went my kids were 8 6 and 3 and my 3 year old loved the little roller coaster and was so proud of herself being able to do a rollercoaster. All three of my kids loved seeing the characters and believed they were real. I love making memories I made costumes for my kids I didnt buy them in the park, and we had people stopping us taking pics and characters gave my kids super attention. We did a couple expensive things like goofys kitchen and we went to midevil times but the rest of the time we ate breakfast at hotel which came with the package they gave free breakfasts, we stayed at a value hotel which was right across from the park and we only had lunch at park because it can be expensive, but if u go to the website I gave you they have all sorts of packages and deals and add on's which you get discounts on if you buy it then instead of later. There are some hotels if you see it will say stay 3 nights get 4th free or other things. They will give you a voucher book also with coupons for restaurants and other things. The hotels come with two adult passes and it depends how many days you want to go to Disney Land or World but you can adjust your passes for a pretty decent price. Then just add 2 children passes plus if you do Disney Land it usually comes with the park hopper pass so you can go to Disney Land and Disney California which is right next to each other. I don't think you should pass up making memories but just try to budget and make sacrifices on extras that are unnecessary. Good Luck Guys! Have Fun
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