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Great Mate Debate: Nast Niece


Today, Tim and Vicki joined us on the air for another Great Mate Debate.

Tim’s 6-year-old niece seems to be developing some bad habits and Vicki would like to speak to his sister about her parenting, but Tim doesn’t think that’s a good idea. Vicki thinks her niece looks dirty! Her hair looks like dreadlocks it’s so dirty and her clothes are disgusting. She wishes her sister-in-law would just bathe her child, so she would like to sit down with her and discuss this.  Vicki says children should have clean clothes and clean hair because they don’t know how to do those things themselves.

Both Slacker and Steve remember those stinky kids in clothes, both male and female and it’s defiantly not someone you would like to be. However, Slacker has seen families crumble when someone sticks their nose into something that’s not their business, especially when it comes to parenting. He thinks it could get really ugly.

Whose side are you on?

Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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02/23/2012 3:33PM
Great Mate Debate: Nast Niece
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02/23/2012 8:42PM
Nast Niece
The issue really isn't about the Uncle, Aunt or even's about the child. The child isn't being treated with respect, love, or dignity if the parent isn't taking care of her hygiene needs. Come'on! Really? Any adult needs to speak up when it is noticed, whether it being a family member or stranger. I really feel that it is neglect, when a parent doesn't care enough to take care of a young child with respect.
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