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Great Mate Debate: Donate A Kidney

His estranged family wants him to donate a kidney to his brother who has stolen and lied to him his entire life. Victoria, his mother hopes that he will save his brother, but Danny doesn’t feel like he owes his brother anything. Is he obligated to save his brother’s life?
Danny first came on the air and told us that him and his brother have never gotten along. He said that his brother had stolen money from not only him, but from his mother too. He went along and said that his brother is a loser - a man in his mid 30’s that still lives with his mom. Danny makes a good point when he says that he has a children who would might be put in jeopardy if Danny were to die during the process.
Victoria, Danny’s mother is very upset about this matter. She feels like no matter what, Danny should save his brother’s life. She is being a mother and is very, very concerned about losing one of them. She says that Danny is the closest match to his brother and she is begging him to help them out. She also feels like Danny isn’t helping his brother due to payback, and that disgusts her.
Both points are very valid. I can really see why Danny wouldn’t want to help his brother due to the way he treated him. I would definitely hold a grudge over my brother if he never treated me like a brother should, especially if he STOLE from me. But I also understand Victoria’s point of view. Any mother would be crushed if they were losing a son. She is just looking at the easiest way to save her son’s life. In my opinion, I am on Danny’s side. I don’t think he should hold this over his brother’s head because of how poorly he was treated, but in all defense, it really is his choice. He doesn’t have to save anyone. I don’t think it’s right to “kill” him, but I feel like if he doesn’t want to do it, then his mother should find another kidney somewhere else.
Man this is tough, what do you think?

Love of Love - Bri

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11/03/2011 3:59PM
Great Mate Debate: Donate A Kidney
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11/03/2011 4:08PM
C Wedel
I was just listening to this discussion. I am a mother of 2 boys so I can understand the mother's pain but, she is so wrong to even ask the other son to do this. It is his decision and his decision alone if he wants to donate his kidney. I don't stand in judgement of him that he does not want to risk a poor outcome because he has family obligations of his own now. It is wrong in my opinion that she is even asking him....perhaps if their family relationship weren't so fractured it wouldn't have been an issue. I love my boys but as their mother I would never try to guilt one of them into any decision as big as this one and then stand by "their" choice.
11/04/2011 4:38PM
What's right for me...
After calling in I realized that I had based my opinion soley on my feelings of what is right. Thinking of my 4 sons it was hard to imagine that he would not want to help his brother. Once again, my reality. I do not judge either the son or the mother. I hope that they are able to repair the hurt feelings and try to understand each other. I would also hope that the brother who is sick would also want to repair any bad relationship.
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