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Great Mate Debate: Couples Friending Couples


She enjoys double dating with her BFF and their husbands...He can't stand the BFF's husband and no longer wants to spend time with him...Brian wants Noel to go off and do her own thing with her BFF and let him off the double date hook.  Noel wants Brian to accept that those people mean a lot to her and he should learn to deal with him.

Whose side are you on?

Slacker and Steve think that if Brian bails on the double dates the other couple will catch on and think that he thinks he's too good for them.  Slacker, being the married one, thinks that compromise is what could just save this argument.

I've had plenty of friends that didn't like each other and after a while had to learn that, that was just the way it was.  I chose to start spending time with them separately and things got a bit easier for me.

Intern Kelly

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06/14/2012 4:05PM
Great Mate Debate: Couples Friending Couples
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06/14/2012 10:22PM
Noel is being unfair here
I listened to this discussion in the car today and was flabbergasted at the direction it took. There is no reason why Noel should force their 'date night' to be with this couple if her husband doesn't like hanging out with the guy. Period. She's being the unreasonable one here. If she and this new BFF can't just enjoy their own time together, then it isn't true friendship. I can't believe you were giving advice to the contrary. Sure, once in a LONG while perhaps do something together as couples, but geez, give the guy a break. He doesn't owe this to his wife to keep up this supposed friendship?
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