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Great Mate Debate: Vasectomy or Tie The Tubes?

Today Mary and Jared joined us on the air for another Great Mate Debate. Mary is currently 7 ½ months pregnant with their second child. She and her husband have both agreed that child number two would be the last one, so she would like her husband to honor the agreement and get a vasectomy. According to his logic however, he wants push her body through more torture and get her tubes tide. She thinks getting a vasectomy is an easier choice though, and he can get it done before the baby arrives that way they both can be on their game and she won’t have to go through a more lengthy recovery time. Jared says a lot of doctors tell him it is completely common for most women to get their tubes tied after their c-section because they are already in there, so why not kill two birds with one stone. Plus, he will be there to help her recover.
Slacker doesn’t like the way Mary said Jared’s “logic,” because the truth is, she is mocking it, and wants Mary to get that his logic does make sense. She is already going to be going through a c-section so while they are in there they might as well go in and tidy things up. Also, Slacker doesn’t like that Mary or any woman for that matter, just throws it in a man’s face that they are the one carrying the baby. He didn’t create the universe, he didn’t do that to you, and so you can’t blame him.
Steve asked Slacker, being the married man, if most married couples go the surgical route if they decide to not have kids anymore. Slacker’s response was yes, it’s the easiest route most of the time, but there are other methods. However, he does believe if you are going to have this fight, the man is going to lose and he will have to get the vasectomy.
Slacker and Steve both started off saying, “I think I just heard Mary say she wants to see her husband go through pain because she is…” I laughed because truth be told, that is exactly how I would play it. I would try to throw in all the reasons Mary did with having a faster recovery time without getting her tubes tied and how he can get the vasectomy done now and not have to wait, but truth be told I would just want him to suffer a little… See how it is for a woman. I know it’s so cruel of me, which is why like I said before, I laughed. It’s not that I wouldn’t love him though… Think of it as a bonding experience, haha.
So, whose side are you on?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie


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01/26/2012 3:40PM
Great Mate Debate: Vasectomy or Tie The Tubes?
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01/26/2012 4:00PM
Jared & Mary
My husband had a vasectomy after our second child, and we ended up getting pregnant with a third. I ended up getting a tubal and I don't regret it for a second. Vasectomies do not always work. My husband had a bit of a rough time, but it was still only 3 days recovery for a 30 min procedure. I had my tubal done while I was having my 3rd baby, which was my 3rd c-section and it only added on 5 minutes to the entire surgery. There is also no recovery time in addition to the normal c-section recovery, which is still only 2 weeks longer than a vaginal birth. It adds nothing and it doesn't affect hormones. Both of you should do it. And maybe try being nice to each other.
01/26/2012 4:53PM
Mary need to woman up
I had a tubal after my 2nd c-section. There was no additional recovery. I was back to work 3 weeks later. Through ultrasound while still pregnant a mass was seen on one of my daughter internal organ. I was warned they didn't know what the out come would be after he birth. I still decided to go through with the tubal because you can't replace one child with another, it just shocking that Mary would even think that. Let alone the fact that way Mary spoke to husband I'd be surprised if he ever want to have sex with her again. Pregnant or not Mary should not talk to someone she loves the way she did today. I'd get over it Mary and as you so nicely put it to Jared Woman up.
01/27/2012 7:43PM
Being a Medical Assistant I have seen this a lot. But personal experiences prove that there is always a risk with any surgery. However My family feels that if Jared doesn't want to MAN UP and have this procedure then I am more than willing to personally oversee- cutting his junk (as put on the radio) Why should we as women have to tolerate being responcible for everything... We feel that we need to bring back Mrs. Bobbitt to remind men that we matter too.
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