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Great Mate Debate: Suicidal Daughter

Today Melissa and Adam joined us for a great mate debate. They have a thirteen year old daughter and over the last few months Adam has been getting the impression she has become depressed overall. They follow her posts online and the tones of them are all so sad. She doesn’t seem happy and is concerned she may be suicidal. He hopes and prays she’s not, but the thought has entered his mind. Melissa thinks she is a wonderful girl going to hormones and adolescent insecurities. It’s like she’s going through this emo stage, not like she’s crying for help. She has a great group of friends, a strong support system and she trusts the relationship she has with her daughter and not the posts they see online.
Slacker brought up the idea of sharks and how when cases like that happen, the news goes crazy about them. They jump on it and more information becomes accessible to us, so he wonders if that’s how Adam is looking at things; That because of all the suicides in the news lately, his daughter could be that way, but when it comes to hormones, he can’t even imagine what it would be like for a woman, since what he went through as he said was like “wow!”
Whose side are you on?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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02/02/2012 3:30PM
Great Mate Debate: Suicidal Daughter
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02/02/2012 5:12PM
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