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Great Mate Debate: Nude Online Photos

Today, Kim and Cory joined us live on the air for another Great Mate Debate.
Kim and Cory have been married for a while now and although everything in the relations department has been normal, things have started to pick up lately. Things have been fun and exciting in their relationship and Cory started to question if something was different about Kim. So, he asked her and he wasn’t trying to complain or anything because lets not deny it, he loves it, but when he asked she mentioned there was something. Kim had a friend take nude photos of her, very artistic, very classy, and post them online. She had her face blurred out so no one could tell it was her and she has received a ton of positive comments. She has gained a lot of confidence and she’s very proud of her body. Although Cory loves what’s been happening, he would rather go back to when these photos were not online. He doesn’t like the idea of other man looking at his wife so he wants her to take them down. Also, when they have a kid, what if he or she was to see these photos?
Slacker doesn’t like that Cory is basing everything off of a child that doesn’t even exist yet and rather he see’s this new found confidence in Kim as more of an upside than a down side for their relationship.
What do you think? Whose side are you on? Should the photos be taken down?
If Kim needs the internet to make her feel better about herself, I don’t want to say it’s sad, but your husband should be the one that makes you feel that confidence. I get that when you’re together for a while you tend to think you’re not wanted by anyone or him, but I don’t see this as the correct way to fix a relationship, especially when you say your relationship has been normal.
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie
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05/24/2012 4:17PM
Great Mate Debate: Nude Online Photos
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05/29/2012 1:04PM
Totally shocked on this one. This marriage is clearly over. Kim is in love with herself, not her husband. The only hope this marriage is for Kim to work on her pre-mid life crisis and realize that she doesn't need wacking 14 year olds on the internet to validate her beauty.
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