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Great Mate Debate: Nativity Scene

Today for our Great Mate Debate, Chealsea and Tyler joined us live on the air.
Chelsea’s parents are coming to Denver for Christmas this year for two weeks and while they are here she wants to put up the Nativity scene he made for them out in their front lawn. Tyler doesn’t want to put it up. He thinks it’s huge, gaudy, and not attractive in the slightest. It’s so big; baby Jesus is the size of him. They live in a small neighborhood and nobody else has anything on their lawns, and he really doesn’t want to be the Tebow of the neighborhood when they don’t even go to church. They are Christians, but in his words, “I found God, but he’s not on my front lawn.”
Chelsea says it’s just while they are here, they’ve never put it up before and it’s one little sacrifice. She understands Tyler is her family now, but there are other people she needs to think about. She just wants to show her father how much she appreciates that he made it for them, even if it’s not the most pleasant thing to look at. Plus, she doesn’t think the neighbors will think anything of it. It’s not like they are going to try and convert all of them.
Steve has the perfect idea for them to solve all their problems. He thinks they should lie and say the first year they put it up some kids came over and vandalized it. It was completely ruined and they had to toss it. When they ask why they didn’t tell them before, they can say how worried they were to hurt their feelings.
Slacker thinks if you are every buying or making something for somebody else’s home, you should never do it. It’s too personal and then they are stuck dealing with it.
I am going to side with Chelsea on this one. It’s only for the few weeks and once they’re gone, he can put it back in storage. It will make her father happy and it will make the two weeks a lot smoother, I can tell you that. I think it would be kind of fun to see a life size nativity scene. Of course, I would “Tebow” in front of it, but that’s fun and I don’t think Tebow should ever be ashamed of who he is, so who cares if as Tyler said, they become the Tebow’s of the neighborhood. It’s Christmas!
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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12/08/2011 3:48PM
Great Mate Debate: Nativity Scene
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