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Great Mate Debate: Don't Trust Him With Neighbor

Today, Katie and Steven joined us live on the air for a little great mate debate. Katie and Steven are married and they have two children together. She is the bread winner of the family while he stays home as a stay at home dad. Katie is having trouble dealing with Steven hanging out with a hot stay at home mom down the block. They hang out so much together and when they’re not together, they text, they call each other… And Katie is normally not an insecure person, and she’s never been one to forbid her husband from seeing someone, but they’re getting so close she’s afraid of where it’s heading. She feels like although he may have not slept with her yet, he will. He says after having kids, the thought of having relations doesn’t even cross his mind. Plus, the neighbor, Jessica, has her own bread winner of a husband that doesn’t look too bad himself. So, is Katie overreacting?
Steve believes this situation can be worked out, but he sympathizes with both sides so he can’t really pick one. Slacker, being the guy that does work and is not the primary person watching the kids; On the few days where he does have to, he would give anything to have that person a few houses down to help him out… So he’s leaning towards Steven’s side.
I can definitely see where Katie’s insecurities are coming from. It’s hard because you are out working hard, making sure the family has food on the table and he’s out with some hot chick and supposedly taking care of the children. How can your mind not wonder what’s going on? I’m like Steve though; I can see both sides of this. If I was a stay at home mom and I knew there was someone down the block that could help me out and hang out at the same time, it would make things a whole lot easier. I can’t decided who should win this debate. What about you?
Whose side are you on?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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01/12/2012 3:30PM
Great Mate Debate: Don't Trust Him With Neighbor
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